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Est. 1972


Since we were established in 1972, the Beavers Rugby Club has been developing the sport of rugby within the local community of Surrey. We’ve made it our mission to teach how to build strength, character and community through the sport of Rugby. Whether you’re new to the sport or a master of the craft, sign up to join our team today!

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Club Info

The Surrey Beavers Athletic Association is heavily involved in many sports, and an active member of the local community. Specifically, the Surrey Beavers focus is playing the sport of rugby. This includes: rugby union (minis, junior, senior men & senior women), rugby league, and rugby 7’s. The goal for the Surrey Beavers is to compete and win rugby championships at all levels, and in all codes of the sport. What is also important to the rugby club is developing the sport of rugby within the local community of Surrey.

Within the community, many members of the Surrey Beavers have volunteered countless time to local high schools with the goal of growing the sport of rugby and getting kids of all ages involved in the sport. Annually the Beavers host several fundraisers at the rugby clubhouse for different causes that vary from breast cancer fundraisers to food bank donation drives.

8th Annual Ruck for the Cure (2019)

Image by McGill Library

Club House History

Originally known as the 'Valley Ramblers', the Surrey Beavers AA were one of the founding members of the Fraser Valley Rugby Union in 1973-1974. On May 29th 1978, the club became officially known as the Surrey Beavers.


Our Clubhouse

Beaver's Lodge Built in 1926

Our clubhouse was originally built in 1926 for the Masons and Odd Fellow Fraternal Organizations. The building has been moved several times around the Cloverdale area before finally being placed at its current location in 1972.


Beaver's Lodge Preserved 

The historic stained glass windows from the original building that depicted classic Mason Iconography were removed in the 1970s and placed in the Cloverdale Museum for preservation. The Beaver's club became the buildings owners in 1978 and have since renovated the building numerous times.


The Lodge Today

One of our most major renovations was due to a catastrophic fire in 2008, in which, part of the building had to be completely rebuilt. In August 2022, the Association celebrated it's 50th Anniversary and to commemorate it another major renovation was completed which included an expanded deck and parking lot, wheelchair ramp, fencing and landscaping.

Clubs World Tours

Europe Tours

Stranmillis, Ireland

Omagh, Ireland

Queens College, England

Orrel, England

Kenilworth, England

Stoneyhurst, England

Stewarts Melville, Scotland

Other Tours

NTT, Japan

Bandierantes, Brazil

North America Tours

Portland, USA

Monteray, USA

Las Vegas, USA

New Orleans, USA

Phoenix, USA

Fort Lauderdale, USA

Toronto, Canada

Maritimes, Canada

Quebec, Canada

Club Execs

Club Executives


John Eadie



Jason Leigh

Vice President


Curtis Feduick



Adam McNeilly



Andrew McIntyre

Sponsorship & Fundraiser Director


Ryan Kulasekare

Member at Large


Walter Van Halst

Alumni Coordinator

Image by Ariel

Trophy Cabinet

B.C. Senior Men's
League Champions:

Division II Men: 2022 (BC Finalist)
Division I Men: 2019 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division II Men: 2019 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division I Men: 2018 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division I Men: 2017 (BC Champions)
Division II Men: 2017 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division I Men: 2016 (Fall Cup Champions)
Division II Men: 2016 (Fall Cup Champions)

Division III Men: 2016 (Fall Plate Semi Finalist)
Division I Men: 2016 (BC Finalist)
Division II Men: 2016 (BC Semi Finalist)
Under 20 Men: 2015 (BC Champions)
Division II Men: 2015 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division II Men: 2014 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division II Men: 2013 (BC Finalist)
Division I Men: 2012 (BC Champions)
Division II Men: 2012 (BC Champions)
Division III Men: 2011(Fall Champions)

Division II Men: 2010 (BC Finalist)
Division II Men: 2009 (BC Finalist)
Division I Men: 2001 (BC Finalist)
Division II Men: 1999 (BC Champions)
Division I Men: 1995 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division II Men: 1987 (BC Champions)
Division II Men: 1986 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division I Men: 1984 (BC Finalist)
Division I Men: 1982 (BC Semi Finalist)
Division I Men: 1980 (BC Finalist)
Division I Men: 1979 (BC Finalist)
Division I Men: 1977 (BC Semi Finalist)

Fraser Valley
Rugby Union Champions:

Division III Men: 2003
Division I Men: 2001
Division II Men: 1999
Division I Men: 1994
Division II Men: 1987
Division II Men: 1986
Division III Men: 1984

Division I Men: 1984 
Division III Men: 1982 
Division I Men: 1982 
Division III Men: 1981
Division I Men: 1981
Division III Men: 1980 
Division I Men: 1980 
Division I Men: 1979
Division I Men: 1977 

B.C. Summer
Game Champions:

1979 and 1984

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